Delivering Supply Chain Success in the Middle Market

This edition of MMG looks at the innovative transportation solutions coming out of the middle market, and how midsize companies are coping with tariffs.

Giving Voice to Business Owners

Fattmerchant is developing software that uses artificial intelligence to highlight sales trends and suggest areas where business owners dig deeper.

Banking on EyeCare’s Vision

Wells Fargo's expertise in private equity and health care has helped EyeCare Partners expand its ophthalmology and optometry practices throughout the U.S.

Merchants of Efficiency

After Suneera Madhani’s employer ignored her idea for a new approach to payment processing, she left to start Fattmerchant, which is nearing its fourth year of 200% revenue growth.

The Future’s at Stake

A growing number of large GPs have sold stakes in their underlying management companies as a way to pursue new strategies and middle-market firms are starting to follow suit.