CREO Capital Finds Its Mojo with Food Focus

Buying a troubled frozen meatball maker forced CREO Capital Partners to hone its kitchen skills, leading to a growing portfolio of scalable food brands.

Private Equity Plugs Into the Internet of Things

The “Internet of Things”—a proliferation of Internet links to everyday objects, such as phones, apparel and industrial equipment—promises great opportunity for investors.

Plexing Innovative Muscles

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning is not new, but Plex’s technology is transformative—shifting makers of everything from kettle corn to airplane parts to the cloud.

All for One

As 24/7 digital grocers challenge traditional brick-and-mortar grocery stores, private equity group HGGC saw an opportunity to enter the space by acquiring MyWebGrocer.com.

Yoga Masters

Catterton Partners' investment in CorePower Yoga was the culmination of proactive research into a category with a growth outlook driven by a sustained consumer trend.