Health Care’s Retail Revolution

The patient experience is shaping the way care is delivered, and it’s prompting health care providers to rethink their offerings and how they measure business performance.

Health Care’s Long-Term Prognosis

The Winter 2021 edition of Middle Market Growth spotlights trends in the health care sector, from technology to niche investment areas.

A Perspective on ESG and Private Equity

Namtse Namgyal, head of institutional sales for North America at S&P Global Trucost, addresses a number of questions we asked about the relevance of ESG to private equity firms.

A Deeper Look at the Survey Results

S&P Global Market Intelligence provides a deeper analysis of how deal-makers answered a recent survey conducted by the ACG.

ESG Takes Center Stage

Investors are increasingly asking about a company’s environmental risk factors, how it treats its employees and the community at large, and how it is governed.