4 Steps You Don’t Want to Skip in the Due Diligence Process

As a private equity firm looking to acquire an organization, part of the process would be to scrutinize its human resources infrastructure – discover its vulnerabilities and liabilities.

Hot Topics in Middle-Market Acquisition Financing

Concepts like builder baskets and incurrence tests were previously seen only in large deals, but in today’s frothy market, they’re being introduced in small and middle-market transactions too.

In a Seller’s Market, Accelerating the Deal Close Is Critical—And Risky

Striking the right balance between speed and thoroughness in a deal is crucial and especially challenging in transactions involving a family-owned business, new industry or carve-out.

Workforce Compliance Demystified

Avoid compliance issues and liability by keeping up with government statutes and workforce regulations.

The Rise of Co-Investment in Private Equity

Co-investment is becoming a competitive advantage for private equity firms.