Hot Topics in Middle-Market Acquisition Financing

Concepts like builder baskets and incurrence tests were previously seen only in large deals, but in today’s frothy market, they’re being introduced in small and middle-market transactions too.

In a Seller’s Market, Accelerating the Deal Close Is Critical—And Risky

Striking the right balance between speed and thoroughness in a deal is crucial and especially challenging in transactions involving a family-owned business, new industry or carve-out.

Workforce Compliance Demystified

Avoid compliance issues and liability by keeping up with government statutes and workforce regulations.

The Rise of Co-Investment in Private Equity

Co-investment is becoming a competitive advantage for private equity firms.

The Right Perks Can Help Attract and Retain Good Employees

Thinking outside the box when it comes to benefits can help employers attract and retain employees. Think paid volunteer hours, employee assistance programs—even Take Your Dog to Work Day.