Preparing Your Company for the Consumer Comeback

When investing in this dynamic, growing market, a technology platform that enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of critical information is critical to your strategy.

Plastics Industry Looks Promising for Investors

Investing (or thinking about investing) in plastics companies? Higher company performance and reshoring are just two of the favorable trends unearthed in a recent report.

2014: The Year of the Manufacturer?

Even cautious business leaders are plotting a growth path rather than considering cost-cutting and retrenchment. They remain optimistic for several key reasons.

Are Valuations Of U.S. M&A Mega Deals Escalating At A Troubling Rate?

While the industry may continue to see higher deal activity, the escalated valuations, in aggregate, on mega deals may be grounds for caution ahead.

SEC Lifts Ban on General Solicitations—Then Proposes Regulations

The SEC recently approved new regulations that could place significant restrictions on the ability of fund advisers to exercise their new ability to advertise.