RSM Report Parses Tax Reform’s Implications for the Middle Market

Efforts may not come to fruition until 2018, if at all, but if and when they do, there are several provisions the middle market should watch closely.

Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

This week we're watching tax reform developments as ad spending heats up. Plus, a longtime supporter of the middle market sets her sights on a Senate seat.

Update on the Future of Corporate Interest Deductibility

Langston Emerson, managing director of The Cypress Group, which works on ACG's advocacy initiatives, gives an update on the future of interest deductibility on corporate debt.

Middle-Market Public Policy Roundup

The “Big Six” released their tax reform framework on Wednesday. Here's a look at the provisions that will impact middle-market businesses.

Bridging Partisan Divide Emerges as Public Policy Summit Theme

At ACG Global's event in Washington, lawmakers weighed in on tax reform and their desire to reach common-sense solutions by working together.