ACG Grass Roots: Bottoms up!

ACG Global is developing a network of leaders to foster awareness about policy issues impacting the middle market and offers a number of resources for members interested in getting involved.

Sens. Rubio and Lee Take Aim on Interest Deductibility

The senators' planned proposal would eliminate a longstanding tax break for many U.S. companies.

ACG Charlotte Holds Middle-Market Policy Summit

A recent event held in Charlotte showcased ACG's engagement with policymakers and regulators to tell the story of middle-market private capital investment.

February ‘Middle Market Voice’ Newsletter Digest

Each month, the "Middle Market Voice" newsletter addresses the public policy issues facing the middle market. Read a digest of the newsletter here.

Local Business Owners Unite Against Recent NLRB Actions

ACG has joined the Coalition to Save Local Business, a group recently formed to unite business owners against the NLRB's effort to expand the definition of a joint employer.