Congress Looks at Dodd-Frank on Five-Year Anniversary

The House Financial Services Committee begins a series of hearings today to address the impact of financial legislation passed five years ago as part of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Additional Extension Granted for PE Firms Filing Form BE-10A

The Bureau of Economic Analysis has agreed to grant a two-month deadline extension to private equity firms filing Form BE-10A.

ACG Voices Industry Concern With BEA On Form BE-10

ACG is recommending that the Bureau of Economic Analysis extend an important filing deadline for private equity funds with overseas assets.

ACG Holds Inaugural Middle-Market Private Equity D.C. Fly-In

ACG's Private Equity Regulatory Task Force met in Washington to speak with legislators and regulators, and to develop best practices for the middle-market private equity industry.

UK Election ‘Should Not Affect the Private Equity Opportunity’—GK Strategy

The winner of the U.K. election will have little scope to enact substantial reforms, according to GK Strategy, and the private equity “opportunity set” will not be dramatically affected.