Best Practices for Disclosing Fees & Expenses

ACG and its Private Equity Regulatory Task Force are developing a set of industry-wide best practices to help PE funds comply with increasing requests for transparency.

New Guide Unpacks Private Equity Regulations

Private equity firms faced with daunting new regulations now have a resource to navigate the rules and avoid unknowing violations on the part of their funds.

DOL Finalizes Rule to Protect Retirement Plan Investors

The Department of Labor on Wednesday released a final rule designed to protect investors in 401(k)s and other retirement plans.

Capitol Briefing to Address Middle-Market Cyber Concerns

An upcoming briefing at the U.S. Capitol, “Digitization, Cybersecurity and the Middle Market,” will address how cybersecurity is impacting middle-market companies.

PE Regulatory Compliance Guide Coming Soon

If new SEC regulations under Dodd-Frank are giving your compliance team a headache, fear not: There’s a solution underway that promises relief.