Middle-Market Trends

Inversion Therapy

Schwimmer discusses tax inversion and considers why so many U.S. companies move their headquarters outside of the United States after completing international mergers.

Investor Interest in U.S. Pot Market Stoked, but Uncertain

The burgeoning U.S. cannabis industry is slowly winning the confidence of more investors, despite an environment fraught with risk.

This Column is Gluten-Free!

Schwimmer explores what's on the back burner in the hot market for mergers in the food sector.

Good Deals Still Hard to Come By, but Pickup Seen in Coming Months

It’s not a stretch to estimate there is currently over $1 trillion in uninvested M&A capital. So where are the sellers?

Ripe for Innovation: How Online Networks Can Benefit Your Deal Source Strategy

While face-to-face interaction is, and always will be, critical for a successful transaction, business development and deal origination efforts are long overdue for innovation.