Middle-Market Trends

Manufacturing M&A: Once the Deal is Done

Every deal will yield different post-closing challenges, but the best post-closing crisis management is actually thoughtful pre-closing risk management.

The Top 10 Operational Oversights in Manufacturing M&A

Financial and strategic buyers are seeking more granular information on how best to run a combined operation and maximize deal synergies–especially for a manufacturing deal.

Are Valuations Of U.S. M&A Mega Deals Escalating At A Troubling Rate?

While the industry may continue to see higher deal activity, the escalated valuations, in aggregate, on mega deals may be grounds for caution ahead.

The Right Time for a Change

West Monroe Partners explains why 2014 is the right time to explore carve-out and divestiture opportunities.

SEC Lifts Ban on General Solicitations—Then Proposes Regulations

The SEC recently approved new regulations that could place significant restrictions on the ability of fund advisers to exercise their new ability to advertise.