Middle-Market Trends

Giving Pot the Green Light

The regulatory landscape for marijuana has shifted dramatically since 2009: Today 29 states have some form of marijuana legalization.

It’s the Small Things: Agribusiness Industry Trends

From an aging farming workforce to changing cannabis laws and growing demand for non-GMO products, here are seven trends impacting agriculture investment.

To Manage Your Money Amid Tax Reform, Channel Your Personal CFO

In addition to analyzing how tax reform will impact corporate strategy, private equity personnel should consider how it will affect their personal financial plan.

New Research Brings Private Company Data into Public View

Lincoln International's new index looks at changes over time of the value of private midsize companies, a market segment lacking in research.

Mutually Beneficial Workplace Perks

Providing employee benefits, and offering resources to help employees use them effectively, is a powerful way for companies to attract and retain talent.