Middle-Market Trends

Energy Opportunities Abound

J.B. Dollison, founder and managing director of Crutchfield Capital Corp., gives his expert views on the opportunities for M&A activity in oil and gas.

Plastics Industry Looks Promising for Investors

Investing (or thinking about investing) in plastics companies? Higher company performance and reshoring are just two of the favorable trends unearthed in a recent report.

2014: The Year of the Manufacturer?

Even cautious business leaders are plotting a growth path rather than considering cost-cutting and retrenchment. They remain optimistic for several key reasons.

Manufacturing M&A: Once the Deal is Done

Every deal will yield different post-closing challenges, but the best post-closing crisis management is actually thoughtful pre-closing risk management.

The Top 10 Operational Oversights in Manufacturing M&A

Financial and strategic buyers are seeking more granular information on how best to run a combined operation and maximize deal synergies–especially for a manufacturing deal.