Middle-Market Trends

It’s the Small Things: Food and Beverage Trends

From plant-based diets to increased coffee consumption, here are eight trends shaping the food and beverage industry.

A Tale of ‘Smart’ Cities

Smart city technologies can improve conditions for residents and middle-market businesses and create better systems and structures to support urban growth.
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Tapping into Enthusiast Consumer Markets

Composed of companies that supply products for passionate hobbyists, the enthusiast consumer market is attracting private equity interest.

An ‘Aha!’ Moment with Staying Power

The trend of direct investing appears to have staying power, particularly among family offices, says PitchBook founder and CEO John Gabbert.

Booze or Pepsi? The Best Mindset for Investing in All Markets

Advice from Warren Buffett can help guide your professional investments in private markets and personal investments in public markets.