Middle-Market Trends

Tax Considerations for Direct Investments

Tax structuring can impact rate of return, making it important to consider the tax entity classification of both the investor and the investment entity.

Addressing the ‘People Piece’ of M&A

Deal success can hinge on how companies address human capital as they plan and execute an M&A transaction, according to panelists at an ACG Detroit event.

Shifting Preferences Among Sovereign Wealth Funds

A report from the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds found that direct investing is on the rise.

Innovation Is Transforming M&A

Disruptive technology is transforming dealmaking, allowing forward-thinking M&A professionals to thrive by utilizing the best elements of innovation.

ACG Cincinnati Takes a Whiskey Journey

To learn how business leaders think about their products, attendees participated in a consumer behavior exercise with whiskey at the center.