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A Middle Market Growth Conversation: Ramsey Goodrich, Managing Partner with Investment Banking Firm Carter Morse & Mathias

Ramsey Goodrich, managing partner with investment banking firm Carter Morse & Mathias discusses how ACG's InterGrowth conference has made an impact in how he grows his business and sources new deals.

ACG Releases First ‘Private Equity Regulatory and Compliance Principles’

Released in February and three years in the making, the first edition of the PERC Principles aim to help midsize private equity firms manage ongoing regulation and increased compliance.

Middle-Market Valuations Peaked in 2016—GF Data Report

Middle-market valuations peaked in 2016, according to a February report from GF Data. Deal volumes increased in the fourth quarter after a stagnant third quarter.

ACG PERT: Giving a Platform & Voice for CFOs & CCOs to Address Today’s Regulatory Environment

Joshua Cherry-Seto, CFO of Blue Wolf Capital, details the importance of ACG's Private Equity Regulatory Task Force.
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PE Regulatory Compliance in a Trump Administration

The 90-minute recording discusses best practices in cybersecurity, pay-to-play regulations and other developments, such as SEC enforcement actions, and what new regulations to expect in light the new Trump administration.