Interview with Ed Bifulk, President, Merrill DataSite

Ed Bifulk discusses virtual data rooms, cybersecurity and Merrill DataSite’s first live webcast in partnership with ACG Global.

A Qualified Opinion with Matt Sondag of West Monroe Partners

Matt Sondag, managing director at West Monroe Partners, discusses technology opportunities for middle-market PE firms.

A Qualified Opinion with Martin Okner of SHM Corporate Navigators

Martin Okner, founder and managing director of SHM Corporate Navigators and a 20-year veteran of consumer goods branding, reveals trends, consumer habits and best practices that impact retail firms.

Retail Outlook: Key Trends to Watch

Chroust shares his insights on the current and future retail landscape, including omni-channel retailing, cybersecurity and more.

Executive Suite

Chuck Morton speaks to the trends and challenges of dealmaking in the middle market.