B-Side Interview: Tony Rubin of Surgical Science

Tony Rubin of Surgical Science talks about joining a burgeoning industry, his favorite business travel destination and why he wants to learn to play tennis.

Europe’s LSP Enhances New Health Technology

The co-owner of Life Sciences Partners discusses his firm's sale of a breakthrough technology to Medtronic and the environment for health care deals in Europe.

Kayo Conference Highlights Role of Women in PE

Lindsay Burton discusses the Kayo Women's Private Equity Conference Series she founded, its role in supporting women in the industry, and what needs to happen to attract more women to the private equity profession.

A Qualified Opinion with Salim Ismail of Singularity University

Featured InterGrowth 2015 speaker and technology strategist Salim Ismail talks about the impact demographic shifts are having on midsize companies—and how businesses can stay ahead of the trends.

B-Side Interview: Venita Fields of Smith Whiley & Co.

Venita Fields, senior managing director of Smith Whiley & Co., discusses her decision to leave banking for private equity, her favorite part of her job and the increasing diversity in the finance industry.