A Qualified Opinion

A Qualified Opinion with Karen Moon of Trendalytics

Karen Moon, co-founder and CEO of New York-based research firm Trendalytics, gives the skinny on how retailers can leverage social media channels for merchandising.

A Qualified Opinion with Torben Luth of JZ International

Torben Luth, partner with JZ International, talks to MMG about the challenges and opportunities facing investors in the rocky European economy.

A Qualified Opinion with Andrew Malk of Malk Sustainability Partners

Andrew Malk, managing partner at Malk Sustainability Partners, discusses how firms can unlock value through improved sustainability practices.

A Qualified Opinion with Brenda Reichelderfer of TriVista

Brenda Reichelderfer, senior vice president and managing director of TriVista, is a 30-year veteran of the industry. She shares how private equity firms can help their portfolio companies innovate and how to determine ROI on innovation.

A Qualified Opinion with Matt Sondag of West Monroe Partners

Matt Sondag, managing director at West Monroe Partners, discusses technology opportunities for middle-market PE firms.