Growth Stories

The Patient Investor

HBM Holdings is building a diversified portfolio and taking a deliberate, long-term approach to its investments.
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Preqin’s Elvin Discusses the Middle Market at InterGrowth 2017

Elvin's take on current trends and the outlook for middle-market dealmaking.
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CBIZ’s Dvir Discusses Disruptive Brands at InterGrowth 2017

Check out the retail trends that are shaking up the middle market, what it means for private equity and of course how we shop.
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Golub’s Van Dussen Discusses the State of Middle-Market Dealmaking at InterGrowth 2017

Van Dussen discusses sovereign wealth funds, syndication and other factors shaping middle-market deals.

Polaroid Investors Develop a Better Picture

In a departure from its history, iconic camera maker Polaroid became purely a licensing company eights years ago. Backed by private capital, it is once again profitable.