Landmark Tax Reform Bill Is a Boon for Midmarket Businesses

Treatment of Interest deductibility, carried interest and the rate for pass-through entities are among the provisions that will benefit midsize companies.

New Research Brings Private Company Data into Public View

Lincoln International's new index looks at changes over time of the value of private midsize companies, a market segment lacking in research.

Mastering the Leadership Puzzle

The task of leading and inspiring others can seem daunting at first, but with strategy, focus and determination, great leadership can be achieved.

Shaping the Manufacturing Workforce with Apprenticeships

Modern apprenticeship programs are gaining traction as they help grow the talent pool and meet the escalating demand for job-ready candidates.

Covering Compliance for Private Equity Firms | CT Corporation

CT Corporation has given more than 1,000 private equity funds the confidence to offload some of their burgeoning compliance responsibilities to the company.