Phelps Industries: Leading the Pack

Wakefield, Massachusetts-based Phelps Industries has been in the pet food game since 1966, but with backing from Wafra Partners, it has undergone a modern facelift.

Giordano’s: A Pizza Story Stuffed with Growth Potential

Just a few years ago, iconic Chicago pizza chain Giordano’s was struggling. After a capital infusion from private equity firm Victory Park Capital and new leadership, the business is now thriving.

Antenna Signals Strong Growth

As the leading producer of audio and multimedia tours for cultural institutions, Antenna International engages visitors across the globe. With backing from private equity firm The Wicks Group, Antenna is improving its efficiency, innovating and entering new markets.

IRI: Crafting a Crystal Ball with Consumer Spending Data

Consumer research firm IRI is giving data about spending habits the 21st-century treatment, helping clients make informed decisions about sales, marketing and media buying.

A ‘Sterling Approach’ to Education

Private equity firm Sterling Partners is taking a hands-on approach to education investing and is building strong businesses—from a for-profit law school to a student recruitment firm—to help students succeed.