Incubating Drug Innovation

Contract manufacturer Cytovance Biologics plays a key role in drug development, providing support for pharma and biotech companies with support from private equity firm Great Point Partners.

AUA: Digging into Demographics

AUA Private Equity Partners invests in companies catering to the growing U.S. Hispanic market, while also building relationships with aging owners looking to transition out of their family businesses.

J.B. Pritzker & David Lee: Developing A Refined Pallet

Backed by Pritzker Group Private Capital, PECO Pallet is carving a larger niche in the consumer products distribution market, using technology to help transform itself into a go-to resource for big names like Costco and Kraft Foods.

The Alchemists

Sustainability is good business for Biogenic Reagents, a midsize company turning wood waste products into activated carbon used for water and air cleanup.
Julep-Jane Park

Curated Commerce

Julep is changing the way women purchase cosmetics by creating unique offerings for subscribers who receive a monthly box of products, curated for their personal style.