Plexing Innovative Muscles

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning is not new, but Plex’s technology is transformative—shifting makers of everything from kettle corn to airplane parts to the cloud.

All for One

As 24/7 digital grocers challenge traditional brick-and-mortar grocery stores, private equity group HGGC saw an opportunity to enter the space by acquiring MyWebGrocer.com.

Yoga Masters

Catterton Partners' investment in CorePower Yoga was the culmination of proactive research into a category with a growth outlook driven by a sustained consumer trend.

Trunk Club

Trunk Club seems to be filling a niche that high-end retailers—which offer customized service in the form of personal shoppers—are missing.

Bridge Work

Bridge Industries, a midsize private equity firm based in Ohio, is capitalizing on the energy sector’s promise through oil and gas investments.