ACG News

ACG Gets Innovative to Attract M&A Millennials

ACG chapters across the country use innovative programs to attract and retain young professionals.

Online Education Remains Popular Benefit for ACG Members

They came in droves and then came back for more. More than 200 attendees on average congregated virtually for each of some two dozen ACG Global webinars in 2016, seeking fresh insight on important issues impacting middle-market deals and markets ripe for opportunity.

D.C. Tech Showcase Spotlights Emerging Technology

Innovation was the overriding message at the Washington Technology Showcase: Building the Innovation Bridge, an event produced jointly by ACG National Capital and the not-for-profit MITRE Corp.

Corporate Development Focus Grows at ACG

More than a dozen ACG chapters are now leveraging ACG’s core strength as a networking organization to offer CDOs the types of opportunities they seek.

ACG Richmond Chapter Executive Marks 20th Anniversary

Congratulations to ACG Richmond and Chapter Executive Jan Rice, both celebrating their 20-year anniversary, in January.