ACG News

Bids by Chinese Buyers Face Increased Scrutiny in Europe

Chinese investors can present an attractive exit route, but private equity firms should anticipate added government scrutiny that can increase the time to close or thwart the deal.

Breaking Down the Blockchain Opportunity

Experts at ACG Raleigh Durham’s Capital Conference offered insight into the transformative technology and its potential for disruption across industries.

Leadership and Back-Office Excellence Propel Startups to Growth

For young companies that want to grow, putting the right staff in place and professionalizing the back office are essential first steps.

A World of Opportunity

Strong economic conditions have created lucrative investment opportunities in Europe, but they’re tempered by a competitive landscape and regulatory risks.

New Agreement Opens Doors in China for ACG Members

ACG China signed a formal agreement with a Shenzhen government entity to improve access to investment opportunities in southeastern China for ACG members.